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Our Services

We provide a progression of services to help you “go solar”:

Feasibility Study and Needs Analysis

We inspect your home or building, evaluate your utility bills to determine your energy needs for hot water and heating, determine the amount of solar energy required to meet those needs, and assess an ideal location for the collectors to have maximum exposure to the sun.

System Design and Planning , Permits and Rebates

We design a system custom-tailored to your site and show you the plan as part of the proposal. On your approval, we sign an agreement for the work and order the materials. We’ll help secure any necessary local building permits as well as help guide you in your applications for rebates and tax credits.

Installation and Construction Management

We’ll provide the necessary equipment for your system and deliver it to your job site. Construction of the flat-plate collector system and installation of the panels commences on an agreed-upon date, with completion depending on the size of the system.

Customer Care

We know it’s important for you to feel assured of our commitment to you and your new solar energy system. That’s why we are especially prompt in responding to any question or service need you may have. We are committed to quickly perform any replacement or repair if necessary.

Sun King Solar
Sun King Solar